Hi, I'm Will Kempster.

I'm a JavaScript Developer and Maker in London. 🙀

My day job with Talent Point is helping some of London's most interesting tech-first business quickly and sustainably scale their engineering teams. Here I have Co-founded and MC a meetup series called Growable and created a mixture of internal SPAs and public facing JAMStack sites using React.js.

This site exists to share some of my thoughts and experiences learning JavaScript and making products. My end goal is to launch a successful online business and in the background I'm building a SaaS product with a friend to launch in 2020.


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Fixing Window Undefined Error in Gatsby

Understanding and dealing with the window undefined error during a Gatsby build.

My Perfectly Reasonable approach to React Project Architecture

React application architecture can be complicated. Let the challenges you face drive the decisions you make

Scraping London tech salaries from indeed using Node and Puppeteer

A short guide on how to scrape and parse salaries from Indeed.com using Nodejs and Google's Puppeteer Chromium API

Why we use Redux at footnoteapp

Don't listen to the haters, when your app needs it, Redux is great. This is how I used it to massively improve code quality, developer velocity and maintainability building footnoteapp.com

Handling scroll events in React

Handling scroll events when building JavaScript apps is really common. Here's how I handled it when implementing infinite scroll on footnoteapp.com.


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