Talent Point JAMstack site

JAMstack site for Talent Point built using Gatsby, Netlify and Sendgrid.

Talent Point is a London based hiring consultancy I work for as a Senior Account Manager. Although my job title may not suggest it, I spend around a 1/3rd of my time developing websties and SPAs using React.js and after the successful launch of Growable, we decided to invest in a rebrand and rebuild of Talent Point itself.

We chose to adopt the same stack we'd had success wtih building Growable. Therefor this site is also a JAMstack project built using Gatsby, Netlify and Sendgrid, mkaing use of Netlify's functions product and Sendgrid's API to offer sing-up and contact functionality without the need for a custom backend.

Tech Stack: Gatsby, Netlify and Sendgrid

Team: Murray Adcock, myself

Visit the project ->